How To Style Your Coffee Table

How To Style Your Coffee Table

Take advantage of that blank canvas sitting right in the middle of your living room. These ideas will help you infuse your space with colour, life and trends you never considered trying before. With our tips and pictures you'll soon have a beautifully styled table in no time.

1) Look High and Low. When all items are at the same eye level, nothing gets noticed. So look to place objects of differing heights to get the desired effect. As displayed in the photo above.

2) Three is company. I know, you've heard this before. The age old rule of threes come in handy when styling your coffee table. I don't mean three items, but three different elements that complement each other. Think books, mugs & flowers.

3) Add a touch of colour and contrast. Choose decor that plays off the colour of your coffee table.

4) Keep it simple, well spaced and organised. Do not clutter, this is a no no.

5) Add some elements of life to the table, including flowers & plants.

6) They're called coffee table books for a reason. Pick ones with luxurious covers and bold lettering and vary the height of the stacks for an effortless style.

7) A table grounded by trays and books can carry little sparkly accents, like mugs or candles, without the look seeming slight. Plus, candle colours and scents can be easily swapped out with the seasons.

Below: un-styled coffee table, so you can see what a huge difference a little styling can make:

We hope you enjoyed reading this, and hope you took in some tips along the way! If you've used any of our tips on your table, show us! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @coku_home and @cokuhome respectively.