1 Year Guarantee 

Furnishing your home is a big investment, we want our customers to know that when you purchase from us, the time and effort you've put in to researching your new furniture is going to be matched by comfort and durability. 

Although collection of furniture is crafted out of hardy materials, using modern, quality manufacturing processes, sometimes accidents happen, and breakages can occur. And we understand that a new dining set can be a major investment for a home. Which is why we wanted to provide you something to guard against disappointment - a guarantee you can rely on. This guarantee is valid for 1 year from your purchase date. You must keep your proof of purchase. 


This guarantee covers the following:

1) Fused aluminium rings on glass tables. If one of your glued rings detach from your table, we will arrange for a replacement tabletop to be delivered to your home.

2) Chair leg snaps, bends or breakages. If your chair legs snap we will send replacements. To avoid chair legs breaking, please ensure your chair legs are tightened and do not wiggle when moved. Chips, marks and scratches are not covered under warranty. 

3) The structural integrity of your product being lost. 

4) Faulty joints.

5) Loss of fixture fittings. We can send replacement bolts and nuts. Please keep your instruction manual, so we know which part you would like to replace. 


For us to process your claim: 

1) You must have your proof of purchase

2) Must be within 1 year of purchase. If outside of this year we cannot process your guarantee. 

3) Photographic proof must be sent to us. Once image of the full product, then several photos of the fault in detail.


The above are all covered in your guarantee. Below details what is not covered:

1) General wear and tear.

2) Surface wear, such as tabletop, cushion and fabric wear. We produce our products to the highest standard, with high quality materials. Surface wear is unlikely and extremely uncommon. However, this is not covered under guarantee. 

3) Stains, burns, colour deterioration and accidental damage.

4) Cracking or splitting of wood veneers.


Guarantee is only available for products purchased on our website from 01/01/2020 onwards.