The power of color pops: brighten up any room with a few simple tips

Decorating with neutral colours certainly is a safe, timeless, and chic way to go. As we all are probably aware, monochromatic and minimalistic design trends are not going anywhere in a hurry. However, just because you see these tame interiors on instagram and in home-style magazines doesn't mean you can't experiment with some bold colours. You may just want to add a subtle yet bold touch to your grey space. Think art, plants, flowers, textiles, rugs and accessories; take a look at some of these simple tips to add colour pops to your space.


If you like your furniture and decor monochromic and minimalistic, but wish to add your colour via a different avenue; why not choose to add colour pops to your space through the use of art and photography. Keeping the surroundings simple will allow your artistic pieces to take centre stage and create an environment similar to that of a gallery. Do not be afraid to go all out, and get some bold centre pieces!


As mentioned in the blog prior to this one, plants ass colour, vibrance and freshness to a room. The addition of plants in room corners, on small vases on top of tables/counters/console tables can make a real difference and bring a sense of natural flavour to your home! If you're somewhat neglectful, then don't worry! Your plants do not have to be real, fake plants can have the same effect!


Fabrics are my personal favourite method of adding colour to rooms. A single coloured or single pattern fabric can make a real difference in a neutral space. You have a wide range of options for as to where to add this colour; these are just a few examples of where to use them; rugs/curtains/cushions/footstools/poofs/beanbags/bedsheets/headboards and so on. Bright fabric colours make such a huge difference to a space, and really stand out from minimalistic furniture. Bring your furniture to life with the addition of colourful textiles!


Bring pops of colour into your home and make a statement with a single saturated piece of furniture. Such as the addition of a bright yellow accent chair; certainly an attention grabber, but if placed correctly it can nicely coordinate with the room's other neutral, textural elements. A bright chair is a simple way to add colour to a room with a single purchase.