We all view these 'new home adventure' pages on Instagram and see beautiful, bright, contemporary spaces; and when we compare these to our own, they often seem to appear boring and lifeless in comparison. Well, you're probably doing almost everything right, except one of the most important things: That is the lack of brightness. The more natural light you can pull into a room, the larger and more open a space can feel. Natural light has the ability to completely change the feel and dynamic of a room or living space. In this short blog article I will go through some methods of bringing more brightness and natural light into your home.


We are going to begin with perhaps the most obvious method of brightening up a room, that is with the use of paints. Dark coloured walls, and darker toned paints will absorb more light than lighter colours, meaning less light is being reflected around your room. Lighter coloured paints, and bright tone paints can make a real difference! Don't get me wrong, you can still use dark colours! They just have to be used correctly. For example; if you paint your wall in a dark olive colour, you need to make sure the walls features compliment and open that space; such as bright white gloss skirting boards with bright/white furniture. Bright skirting can outline a wall well, and can make the space feel wider. A freshly painted ceiling is also a good way of complimenting a darker paint.


Use furniture that doesn't look bulky and miserable. My recommendations would be to take advantage of chrome/glass/white gloss, as well as crushed velvet and mirrored furniture. All of the above mentioned furniture do an excellent job of making a space feel contemporary, stylish and simplistic. Also, try not to place any tall furniture near windows! As this will also limit the amount of natural light you have bouncing around your room.


Clutter is a no no! You ever notice how big your bedroom is after you tidy and pick all your clothes up off the floor? Well the more clutter and bits you have around makes a space feel full and used up. Try to keep your space as tidy and as clutter free as possible. A dusting and polish won't go a miss either! This is the easiest of all the methods, so utilise it and get cleaning!


My favourite item to add to any room in my home is mirrors. This is for a number of reasons: decorative mirrors are stylish, artistic and contemporary; they have the ability to modernise any room you place them in. They also essentially double the amount of natural light you have bouncing around your room, they are totally reflective, so no light is absorbed by them at all. This means that if placed in a good spot, i.e near or opposite a light source then you can multiply the amount of light you have in that particular space. COKU has an excellent range of mirrors coming soon, which will bring light and style to your home!


There is no better way to freshen up your space than flowers and plants. Plants bring a sense of freshness and life to your space! They don't have to be real either, fake plants do just as good a job! So add plenty of plants to your decor, and you'll breathe new life into your home, LITERALLY!