Home Appeal: Five ways in which you can make your home more attractive

Are you selling your home? Just moved into a new house? Or have just been neglectful over the past few years, we can offer you some tips on how to make your home more attractive.


An excellent way to make your home more attractive is to allow more light in. Light can completely change the dynamics of a room; it can make a room feel larger and more open. You can bring light into a room in a number of ways;

a) Add mirrors

b) Move large furniture away from windows

c) Add lamps to dark corners of the room

d) Bright colour paints


Adding plants and flowers to your home will give it a sense of life and freshness. Fake plants do a great job too! So if you don't like plant maintenance you can get away with a realistic looking fake!


Excessive clutter makes a home look dirty and small, neither of which are selling points. de-clutter your spaces and move furniture away from doorways and windows. Strategically place your mirrors to give depth to your room. Keeping the space clean and tidy will also help greatly.


You want the first impression to be a good one, which is why you will need to do your best to increase your curb appeal. Removing clutter from the homes exterior, touching up paint, adding plants and improving the landscape – all of these things should be a priority.

Fix the neglected

The longer you live in a place, the easier it is to overlook all the little things that need work. The worn window seals, the broken door knob, the leaning shelf, the cracked tile; we know these things are small and easily neglected, but the small details can really make a difference to your home. Fix all the small problems, let light in, add plants, clean and declutter and give your home curb appeal. Follow these simple tips and your home will receive a new lease of life!